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Looking For Payment link & Gateway?
Looking For Payment
Link & Gateway?

Empower Your Business: Get Your Payment Link and Gateway in the UAE – Apply Now!

Looking for Affordable Freezone?
Looking for Affordable Freezone?

Launch Your Business in the UAE: Affordable Solutions Await – Act Now!
License with 01 Visa From Upfront 4,899 AED | License with 02 Visa From Upfront 6,599 AED
License with 03 Visa From Upfront 8,349 AED | License with 04 Visa From Upfront 9,699 AED

Launch Your Business in the UAE: Affordable Solutions Await – Act Now!
License with 01 Visa From Upfront 4,899 AED
License with 02 Visa From Upfront 6,599 AED

License with 03 Visa From Upfront 8,349 AED
License with 04 Visa From Upfront 9,699 AED

Looking for Business Loans?
Looking for Business Loans?

Turn Dreams into Reality: Apply Now for a Budget-Friendly Business Loan in the UAE!

Dubai Freezone
Dubai Freezone

Enter the Elite: Start Your Business in Dubai Freezone from 14900 AED!

Looking for Bank Acc?
Looking for Bank Account?

Explore Tailored Banking Solutions for Every Stage – From New Startups to Established Enterprises!

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Your Business Setup and Business Bank account at your fingertips

We’re offering an even easier way to open your non-resident and business bank accounts for Europeans, Russians, and Latin Americans in Dubai.

Business Bank Account

Business Setup


Business setups in Freezone

Simplify transactions and boost efficiency with our Payment Link and Gateway Services.

Offshore Company Formation

Establish your offshore presence confidently through our expert Offshore Company Formation services.

Home Loans

Turn the key to your dream home with our tailored home loan solutions – Building futures, one home at a time

Non Residence Home Loans

Transform your dream residence into reality with our hassle-free and personalized home loan solutions

Private or personal Bank Accounts

Elevate your financial experience with our private and personal bank accounts – Tailored for your unique needs, because your wealth deserves personalized care

In Association With

Working in regional banks to serve you better. In an era of banking, it is important to take expert advice before making any financial decisions. Most of the people make a financial decision with the advice of their friends or colleagues which is based on their respective experience and same doesn’t work with everyone.

Important Facts About Us

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We Work Closely With All Government Agencies

Business Setup Process in Dubai

Select the Right Jurisdiction
Choose Your License Type and Business Structure
Prepare the Required Documents
Apply and Pay License
Obtain License, apply for Visa, and Bank Account


Currency Options for Global Transactions

Explore multi-currency accounts offered by many banks in Dubai, allowing seamless transactions in various currencies to accommodate your international business needs.

Advanced Online Banking Services

Experience sophisticated online banking services from most Dubai banks, enabling efficient account management, transactions, and access to a suite of financial services.

Comprehensive Business Support

Avail additional business support services such as trade finance, letters of credit, and diverse financial instruments that facilitate international trade, demonstrating a commitment to your business’s success.

Tax-Friendly Environment

Capitalize on Dubai’s reputation for a business-friendly environment with the absence of corporate or income taxes in many cases, providing a strategic advantage for businesses operating in the region.

Financial Flexibility with Business Loans and Credit

Business accounts often come with the option to apply for business loans or credit facilities, providing your company with the necessary capital and financial flexibility for growth.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Almas Financial Services truly exceeded my expectations. Their team's professionalism,

Mohamed Derrouiche

Almas Financial Services delivers professionalism, personalized solutions, and transparency.

Diana Nzhiganshina

Highly recommended for their customer-centric approach and comprehensive offerings.

Raqib Ali Mohammad

Highly recommended for their comprehensive offerings and strong presence in Dubai.

Ivan Alyona

Almas Financial Services stands out in Dubai, not only for their professionalism and personalized solutions.


Undoubtedly the top choice in Dubai. Their stellar reputation, professionalism, and personalized solutions.

Daniil Aleksandr

Almas Financial Services earns top marks for transparency and trustworthiness. Throughout our interactions, their team consistently provided clear information, fostering a relationship built on trust. Highly recommended for financial peace of mind.

Michel Yves Yetrault

Choosing Almas Financial Services was one of the best decisions I made. Their integrity, honesty, and commitment to clients set them apart as a trustworthy partner for all financial matters.

Vijey Raju

Almas Financial Services made navigating my finances stress-free. Their clear communication and expert guidance instilled confidence in every decision. A reliable partner for anyone seeking financial peace of mind.

Asad Ali

Almas Financial Services strikes the perfect balance between professionalism and a personal touch. Their team takes the time to understand individual needs, delivering tailored financial solutions with a genuine commitment to clients' success

Umair Mohammd Umar VIRK

Almas Financial Services goes above and beyond for their clients. From transparent communication to personalized solutions, they prioritize the client's best interests. Exceptional service in every aspect.

Ali Jewanjee Quaid

Almas Financial Services not only manages finances but also educates clients. Their commitment to financial literacy is commendable, empowering me to make informed choices for my future. A valuable service for those seeking both advice and education.

Md Taibur Rahman Khan

I appreciate the responsiveness of Almas Financial Services. They addressed my concerns promptly, providing reliable information and making me feel confident in their expertise. A reliable partner for financial matters.

Wakeel Ahmad Siddiqui

Almas Financial Services excels in clarity and conciseness. Their team simplified intricate financial concepts, allowing me to understand my options better. Efficient, professional, and highly recommended.

Nuri Hahan Bueyuekazici

It's rare to find a financial service with such unwavering integrity. Almas Financial Services prioritizes honesty, ensuring clients make informed decisions. A refreshing experience in an industry often clouded by ambiguity.

Syed Athar Ali Shah


4.7/5 Rating

Highest-rated business setup consultancy in UAE

4.7/5 Rating

Highest-rated business setup consultancy in UAE

Business Bank Account Process

Take Advice from Banking Expert
Choose Your Account type
Prepare the Required Document
Optained Your Bank Account

About Us

At Almas, we offer a range of services that provide complete support for businesses looking to expand internationally. From consulting to financial management, we can help you with every step of setting up and running your business overseas.

Experience The Difference With Us.

As the leading company setup specialists in Dubai and the UAE, we’ve earned the trust of over thousand of entrepreneurs.


The objective of Almas financial consultation and assistance services is to help business owners get the most out of their operations abroad.


Almas provides support systems and services for setting up and running a business in the other countries where they do to wish they offer.

Business Growth

Almas is dedicated to helping businesses achieve success abroad. With their experienced team of consultants, comprehensive products and services and strong support systems.

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