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Business Setup in Dubai UAE

Business License in Dubai UAE

Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED) is the body responsible for issuing company permits. Every company has been given a different license by DED, which gives them prominence according to their line of work.
A business license in Dubai gives your operation a framework for regulation and enables you to reap a number of advantages.

We tell you documents and process Not only do we help you fill out all paperwork and documents, we hand-deliver them to the right government offices with priority processing due to our governmental tie-up. We make sure you choose the right setup and activities to get you the best price with the least red tape so you can get on with what you do best.

Our Business Setup Expert Team are your first point of contact that ensure you get the right business setup for the best price. With experts across every major industry, our consultants speak different languages and will attentively learn your business, making sure you are set up with the right activity, in the right jurisdiction, with the right structure, for the best price Business Setup in Dubai UAE.

The following are the most common forms of business licenses available in Dubai – UAE.

  • Commercial License for General Trading Businesses.
  • Professional License for Service-Related Businesses.
  • Industrial License for Manufacturing Goods.
  • Tourism License for Travel and Tours Industry.

Types of Business Licenses in Dubai – UAE:

Commercial License: Commercial licenses cover all kinds of general trading as well as specialized trading activities.

Professional License: The professional licenses are provided to business enterprises engaged in some of the other profession or service-oriented activity – such as craftsmen, doctors, teachers, and artisans.

Industrial License: An industrial license is provided to establishments involved in an industrial or manufacturing activity.

Tourism License: A tourism trade license is a requirement for businesses and companies involved in the travel, tourism, or hospitality sector.

  • Dubai Business License in 48 Hours
  • Documentation for UAE Business Licensing
  • Mainland and Free zone Licensing
  • License Renewal & Cancellation Services

Our commitment doesn’t just stop after setup.

Your dedicated Relationship Manager will advise you on the steps you need to take after the initial phase. From ensuring you are compliant with government requirements, to renewing your license and visa they’ll make sure your company is watertight.

Our support team is ready to answer you within seconds via any channel.

Whether you email, WhatsApp, call or reach our live chat, our team of expert customer support executives are highly trained to answer you within moments to answer any question or find solutions to any problem.

We make the entire process effortless, from set up to scale up, with our suite of corporate services for every stage of your business. We provide a single solution for all your company setup and corporate service needs from start-up your business, visas, personal & business bank account, vat registration, all type insurance etc. Our team will guide you 24×7 & try to get you hassle free process & service business setup Dubai.

Information about the Free-Zone Business Set-up in UAE

A free zone is a designated, separated area with different tax, import, and customs policies from a mainland region. The fundamental benefit of owning a free zone firm is that, as an expatriate, you can do so without having to transfer any of the company’s shares.

Why is it best to start a business on the UAE's FreeZone

The United Arab Emirates Offers Multiple benefits too Free-zone Companies like 100% Tax Free, Physically Office not Required, Company Can Operate from anywhere in the World, 100% Ownership, 1000’s Of Activities available for Commercial and Professional Industries. Excellent packages from free-zone Authorities-FZC.

What is Offshore Company in UAE?

Free zone Advantage

  1. 100% ownership without the need of UAE sponsor
  2. Quick and easy company formation
  3. 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  4. 100% exemption from import and export duties
  5. Shareholders’ details remain private to the public
  6. Relatively easy recruitment policy
  7. Free zones provide business advice and networking support

What part does almas finance play in the Business Start-up

Almas Financing Broker offers the best advantages and streamlines the process of FORMING A FREE-ZONE COMPANY IN THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. Our services cover the whole spectrum of steps required to set up a Free-zone company in the UAE. From business registration and trade license acquisition to contract drafting, document notarization, and helping you with Dubai Free-zone company creation fees, we help you with every step of the process. We are able to quickly obtain government permissions for our clients thanks to our ties with UAE ministries and government organizations. To ensure that your Free-zone Company is founded successfully and on time.

A secure and tax-free nation with a lengthy history is the United Arab Emirates. Due to its compliance with all international standards, the UAE has never been listed as a nation that does not adhere to anti-money laundering laws.

The government has also not ratified the directive or the agreement with the OCED (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development). Due to this offshore companies established in the UAE are now one of the best protections for the privacy and rights of investors. Additionally the Arab Emirates provide a trustworthy and reliable banking system for offshore business operations in the UAE.

The Ras-Al-Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAK), the Emirates Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA), and the Ajman Free Zone have all demonstrated their benefits as offshore jurisdictions.

Benefits of Offshore Companies

Making an Offshore Company in the United Arab Emirates Has Benefits

Taxes and customs fees are absent.
Profits are repatriated in full.
It is acceptable to have a foreign ownership percentage of 100%.
One shareholder and one director are all that are required for the corporation to be registered.
Any currency may be used for the company’s capital.
It’s not necessary to deposit the money in an offshore bank account.
The benefit of privacy for stockholders
It is inexpensive and easy to open a corporate bank account through an offshore organization.

How to Form an Offshore Company?

Choose a Business Name
Fill out an application form.
Submission of the Documents in Question
Draft MOA and AOA.
Open a Bank Account in a Foreign Country

Features and Regulations of UAE Offshore Incorporation

The capital of the corporation may be of any sum, in any number of different denominations.
The bare minimum is one shareholder and one director.
Bearer shares or distinct classes of shares are not permitted, and all shares must be paid in full at the time of allocation. The capital does not, however, have to be deposited in a bank.
100% foreign ownership and 100% tax and duty exemption are permitted for UAE offshore incorporation corporations.
In a bank in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a business bank account can be opened.
A registered agent (lawyers, auditors, and consultants) must be chosen by the Company from the list of registered agents approved by UAE Free Zone.

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